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Since time immemorial we have sought guidance from the stars to navigate our journey upon the Earth. The wisdom of Astrology never ceases to amaze and inspire.   

But how does it work?

Is it BS?

Will it tell me something terrible? 

WHAT will it tell me?


Using your Birth details we cast your Natal Chart and tap into the cosmic layer of information related to your personal journey in Life. 

Occasionally people fear Astrology because they see it as fatalistic or Fortune Telling. It is neither. The planets do not dominate us. Rather they relay the motion of our individual and collective journey. It could be described as a map of human consciousness and, by connecting with it, we open to a deeper and more profound understanding of Life, unraveling the personal instructions within.


This gives us more autonomy, greater freedom and nurture's our relationship to Self. 

As the planets and their energies shift and change, so do we. We are eternally connected in a beautiful, cosmic dance of life, death and rebirth. Through Astrology, we reach beyond the boundaries of time and access the limitless intelligence of our true essence.  We meet past, present and future to generate a greater understanding of Life on Earth and, more specifically, the roads we wish to navigate. 


If you're feeling inspired, with a tingling of intrigue and a desire to go deeper...

get in touch.

Violet Stars

30min Reading




Best if you have had a reading with me before and have a particular, short term query you need help with. 

60min Reading





A deeper consultation moving through questions/challenges and looking at the year ahead. If you would like a Solar Return reading (the year ahead starting from your birthday) select that option when booking.   





90min Reading





A deep dive looking at past, present and future dynamics and helping to explain the chart in more detail. Particularly recommended for a first reading with me. 

Astrology Gift Vouchers

An Astrology Reading is a beautiful and unique gift that offers someone the opportunity to delve into their life path, purpose and cosmic identity. It can often be quite a life altering experience. 

Please email your request via the button below. 



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