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My love of Astrology lead me to engage with Planetary Gongs. I find their frequencies quite terrific and am amazed at how the quality of each planet channels through the sound of the gong. Gong therapy is a beautiful way to release physical and energetic blockages and help the body to become more rested and relaxed. Below are the gongs I currently work with...



Vesta (known as Hestia in Greek Mythology) is the Goddess of the Hearth.

The Sacred Flame burns within us all.

The Essence lights a fire at our core.

This is where we find our True Home.

Chosen as young girls, the Priestesses of Vesta swore a 30-year vow of chastity and in turn were granted rights, privileges, and power unavailable to other women in Rome. These High Priestesses were respected, revered and regarded for their status and sacred work.

Furthermore, the Priestesses were tasked with healing men from trauma after they returned from battle, calling upon the purifying flames of Vesta to release trauma and return each one to the divine feminine within.


With Vesta's Fire comes also Earth, aligning us to the purity and embodiment of our Source energy so that we may live in this world with devotion to the unrelenting creativity of Spirit.


This is an extremely unique Gong experience, since at present there are only three Vesta Gongs in the world. She is fierce, beautiful, deeply powerful and relevant for these times as we learn to harness the essence of our unique power.



In mythical terms, Neptune is the Roman God of waters and seas, who controlled winds and storms and was almighty in his domain.


Astrologically this Planet represents the great Ocean of Consciousness. Boundless, inter-dimensional worlds where creativity, dreams and imagination are the essence of reality. This brings with it the attributes of bliss/heaven/unconditional love/fantasy. 

Neptune also relates to delusion. confusion and illusions. It is the mist/fog whereby we struggle to see clearly. 

The powerful frequencies of the Neptune gong help to align us with our higher, multi-dimensional self, opening up the portal of the higher mind and clearing the weight of conflict and confusion from our field.  It is a very powerful experience that reconnects the body to source consciousness. 


Uranus is paralleled with Prometheus, who stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to the Humans, feeling that all should be equal. Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius, so both Planet and sign represent the plight of humanity. Very appropriate as we ingress into the Age of Aquarius.  


Astrologically Uranus represents our uniqueness. I often describe it as the mad scientist within, an innovative, futuristic, creative and at times rebellious quality that encourages us to strike out in new ways. 

Uranus can also show us where we have become overly detached or objective, leading to distance or a lack of belonging. 

The powerful frequencies of the Uranus gong help to align us with our higher, multi-dimensional self, connecting us with cosmic consciousness, the collective creation and the spark of genius that sits at our core. 


Group and Private Gong Baths available. 

Private Group - £165

Private 1:1 - £85

Please enquire via the form below.

Visit the Events page for info about Gong Baths/Workshop Events 


The Flame of Light
By Jaqueline Fay-Hobbs

"Charlottes connection to the divine feminine is exemplary. Her relationship to sacred sound is

developed to a point where she can, and does take everyone in her charge to the next level.

As a facilitator and Gong player she has the inherent ability and skill to navigate you to a place where you will heal and grow in equal measures. I love the way she plays and the joyful passion she carries for her


Mark Swan- Gong Master and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

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