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This page is devoted to projects, products and people that resonate deeply with my own work and support the growing Human ecosystem of Unity, Cooperation and Change.

Everything here has been personally tried and tested and I am delighted recommend these endeavours, brought to you with loving intention and integrity.


Who is Omnia?

Omnia is dedicated to improving the balance of man-made radiation fields. They focus on finding truths that you need to know, with evidence you can trust, and products which have been tested to help you maintain a healthy balance in your life. 


They are here to challenge conventional thinking, and offer you access to a new technology and new science that can make global changes.


The ORB balances the energy fields around a device to harmonize it with the balanced vibration of the human body.

Products can be purchased at 10% discount by following this link:

To hear our Podcast Interview Radiation and Human Resonance with Tim Sanders, CLICK HERE.

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