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My relationship with Kambô began in 2015 after an introduction to plant medicine and Shamanic practice. My first response upon hearing about the medicine was a very clear "nope". I had grown up with a phobia of other people vomiting, so sitting in a circle of people doing just that (and doing it myself) was about the last thing on my agenda.

Two months later, I was in a Kambô circle. 

It is amazing how we will always be drawn towards that which we fear. It also makes complete sense given that fear is the gateway to greater awareness, personal power and Love. Like many people, throwing up was something that made me squirm. Deep rooted feelings of horror, disgust and humiliation would arise at the thought of it. However the moment I met the frog I found something very different in the process of physical purging. Something I had been unknowingly seeking for many years in fact. A way to release the stuckness, heaviness and negativity from my body that felt powerful, effective, efficient and above all, sacred. After my first few sessions my mind was clear, my energy was high, my optimism had returned, I felt grounded and my heart was open wide.  My immune system had also become noticeably stronger. Kambô had set me in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alignment. Furthermore it helped me recognise how to remain that way in every day life.

Originating from the Amazon Rainforest, Kambô is a secretion from the Phyllomedusa Bicolor (or the Giant Monkey Tree Frog), an incredible amphibian that inhabits the trees located around watery areas of the rainforest. Having had the great honour of meeting and connecting with the frog myself, I can say that it is an incredibly beautiful being that brings the gift of this medicine to our world with profound divine timing. I have deep love and respect for this sacred creature. I use only ethically sourced medicine, as it is of great importance that when working with nature's offerings, we do so with permission. 

Although a very physical process, Kambô works far beyond the body. It is said to remove 'Panema', the indigenous term relating to heavy energy or 'Hoocha" as Shamans call it. Kambô is a multilayered medicine that also clears dense energies residing in the auric field, allowing us to function on a higher and more vibrant level. Kambô can be used to treat a host of physical as well as emotional disorders such as depression and anxiety. It is important to be aware that as with any process, theses medicines are guides to help us heal ourselves and Kambô, like anything, is not a panacea. It is however  a deep and powerful cleanse to help you towards greater alignment, clarity, strength and love.

The treatment is held in a sacred ceremonial setting based on the traditional shamanic approach, to honour the beautiful spirit of the medicine. Ceremonies last approximately 3 hours (the duration of the medicine is 20-40 mins) and I offer circles and private treatments in Whitstable, Kent and surrounding areas.

Private Treatment - £160

Private for 2 people - £125pp

Group Circles (Tonbridge and Whitstable) - £100pp

Please contact me to arrange your ceremony or for pre-arranged Circles and Events click below.



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Charlotte is a beautiful and wise soul.  I’ve had several experiences of working with Charlotte and every time, I have a deep and powerful experience.  Charlotte’s gong baths take me to another dimension and I feel so much peace and tranquility, both during and after the session. 


I’ve also participated in Kambo with Charlotte and it was profound.  I was aware that I would be purging physically, but didn’t anticipate how deeply I would feel this emotionally.  It was an intense experience for me and Charlotte held the space so that I felt safe and supported throughout.  I really felt cleansed after and have felt even healthier (physically & emotionally) in the months that have passed.

Pauline Buckley ~ Beautiful and Wise Soul

I have had the most beautiful deep cleansing feeling in Kambo ceremony whereby I felt afterwards it had improved my relationships as I felt clear of those things that get int he way of making harmony with friends and relatives.  It was one of the aims I wanted to focus on and it really worked.  I’ve always felt held in safe place and cared for in ceremony and Charlotte has always been supportive and professional.  I would recommend this to anyone who feels like they need to cleanse on a deeper level and help their healing process.  



Ann-Louise Holland ~ Shamanic Homeopath and Astrologer

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