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How many times have you heard people say "we are in unprecedented times"?. Well, the truth is we are and, with this unchartered Human territory comes a lot of fear and disruption. We are designed for this. We are undergoing an almighty upgrade that requires a great deal of personal, energetic maintenance and, not the kind where one remedy fits all. 

Aligning with our Sovereignty means re-engaging with Human Nature and remembering that we are the authority of our own life, even if it may not feel that way at times. Naturally we need a little help from each other to reach full, clear alignment and to be able to hear our true voice. The one that speaks from within with clarity, power and integrity. 

These guidance sessions are designed to help you find your Self amidst the noise and chaos within and without. We use a mix of Astrology, Shamanic Healing and 1:1 Mentoring, all of which is delivered remotely. 

The recommended programme is 7 x 60 minute sessions (via Zoom), with the option to extend if needed. Sessions can be spread out over any length of time. 

7 Session Programme 


Consultation 30 mins - no charge

Individual Sessions

30 Mins - £50

60 mins - £80

 ‘I can’t recommend Charlotte’s mentor programme enough. I was so blown away by how much we managed to cover (and uncover!) in the 7 weeks. Every session was completely different, but managed to serve me in exactly the way I needed it to. I have taken so much from working with Charlotte who is just a fountain of knowledge, love and insight. The whole thing was a total joy and blessing in every way’.

Charlotte Morgan

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